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We travel all over the country  and we also  have  trainers all over the uk so we are always looking for new teachers to come aboard . So if this is a total carer  change or you just want to move up the beauty ladder then get in touch with one of our team who are online 24 hours a day , 7 Days a week and they will help you with any of the job roles  advertised or any other queries in order to be the best you need to work with the best!



Available jobs

Aesthetic Teachers

Must be confident and fully experienced in all aspects of aesthetics.

Model Application

Here at BBU

We are the only training academy that offers all the latest courses and continue to bring new ones out monthly just so our Clients / Models can have the first & Best treatment possible for affordable prices . on our Training days you will receive the best service from all ours students and will be fully capable & confident in there chosen training course they will have one of our fully trained teacher/nurse on hand and to over look them while carrying out the treatment so yourself for all the model dates please contact us from the link below thank you the BBU Team .

What does being a model entail?

Being a model is a huge help for our team. Sometimes there may be a small fee included to help us cover stock. You will be in a room of beauty proffesionals who are training with very highly skilled therapists in something new.

A trained therapist will always be in the room to support the trainee and make sure everything is carried out succesfully.

Models For Training In Liverpool

We have a training venues in Liverpool and we are always needing models for our courses.

We also need models for our other venues in:
-Northern Ireland
-Harley Street

How to Apply?

To apply to be a model for one of our training days alls you have to do is contact us on 0151 705 1009

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Special Offers


Available for the whole of November

PDO Threads  with Foxy Eye Was £2600

NOW £1300

Sclerotherapy  Was £899

NOW £399

Celluerase Was £749

NOW £349

Bum Filler Was £1500

NOW £749

Bum Botox Was £499

NOW £249

Lip Masterclass Was  £1000

NOW £499

Phlebotomy, PRP (VAMPIRE FACIAL) With BIO Fillers Was £1900

NOW £949

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