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43 policies including; Absence management, acceptable use policy, accident procedure, accident report forms, adoption policy, appeals procedure, blood borne and body fluid exposure policy and procedure, bullying and Harassment Policy, Capability procedure, Centre Management Policy, Clear Desk Policy, College and Employee Training Attendance Policy, Complaints Procedure. ControllingAbsence Policy, Cookies Policy, COSH Policy Risk Policy Assessments, Course Review Process, Declaration of Authority, Disciplinary policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, Fire Safety Policy, GDPR & Data Protection Policy, Grievance Procedure, Health and Safety Policy, IT & Social Media Policy, Learner Induction Policy, Malpractice Policy, Maternity Policy, Parental Leave Policy, Paternity Policy, Violence Policy, Privacy Policy, Quality Assurance Policy, Reasonable Adjustments Special Consideration Policy, RPL Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Sharps Policy & Procedure, Staff Immunisation Policy, staff Induction Checklist, Terms& Conditions and Terrorism Policy

Full Package is £399. You can buy Individual policies for £20 each. For individual please contact


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Showing 17–17 of 17 results

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